- Brandon Gulch 2 -

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Madill 6250 pulls a skid of logs from the steeper terrain through the selection cable unit.

This is a cable road that lifts the logs from the ground below and brings them to the landing. This shows the timber that is left after the harvest.

Another picture of logs being lifted from the ground after chokers are placed around them by the chokersetters and directions are given to Lenard in the yarder by waw of the talkie tooters.

Wayne Sipila arives at the landing and Russell lifts his trailer off to load the truck.

Once the trailer is lifted off the truck the driver pulls forward so that the trailer can be connected to the truck.

Wayne awaits his load of large redwood that is to be delivered to Redwood Empire Sawmill in Cloverdale, CA

Russell fills out the trip ticket so that Wayne can get on his way.

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