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Check out our New Lowbed Tractor by clicking on the picture below

As with every winter, the equipment has found its way back to the yard for maintenance and repairs. Over the past few years the yard has grown from what it once was.

The "Old" Shop and the office can be seen on the left, the right is a picture of the expanded yard and the "New" Shop.

The means of transportation for the equipment. This Kenworth tractor with Cozad Lowbed is on the road almost 5 days a week, and that is just moving our equipment. We also move other companies equipment from time to time!!

The main source of log moving comes from one of our 6 Yarder sides. There are 7 Yarders in this picture and the reason for that is the oldest Washington 88 is set up on a large job (if we have one) so that if one of the other yarders breaks down or is being moved the crew has somewhere to go, resulting in no layoffs and happy employees.

From left to right, Pacific 1088, "Thumper" the old Washington 88, Wide Track 88, and 4 Madill 120's.

Now and then there is a ground skidding job to keep the cat side busy. A lot of the time the cats are working in front of the Cable sides opening right of ways so that the yarders can get to their landing pads. The blades display the problem of sitting idle on the coast for even a short period of time!!

Here is 4 of our 6 Cat 325 log loaders. Two were in the shop at the time of the picture. We also run two Barko 450 tracked machines and one Prentice rubber tired loader to chase the cats around.

The newest addition to the fleet is a former rental, Cat 325 Excavator. It joins a Cat 231 and replaces a 231 that we got rid of this past year.

We have outgrown our truck barn so now some of the trucks are forced to face the elements. However a good rain is not always the worst thing for them, as evident with the care taken on the following truck. One thing to keep in mind, those fancy trucks you see on the highway don't haul in the Woods!!

The slack puller carriages and some of the blocks and rigging are in for inspections and repairs.

The boys in the shop stay busy, trying to keep everything looking good.

Part of the fleet of trucks for getting the guys in and out of the Woods.

The "Woods" office, where the joy and excitement begins everyday!!

Loggers have visited us!.