~ Spool Rig ~

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Prior to construction the Spool Rig was drawn on Auto Cad and the hydraulic system was designed.  The steel structure was designed similar to those used by Acme Rigging of Ukiah however instead of a transmision/chain drive system a Hydraulic system was designed to power the unit.  The system incorporates a Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine, pressure compensated pump, open center valve, radial piston motor, caliper brake and electric valves to operate the brake.

Preliminary Work:

Auto Cad Drawing of Spool Rig


Base Frame

Shaft Saddles

Frame Assembly

Motor Alignment

Drilling Coupler

Machined Coupler


Cutting Key Way

Fuel and Oil Tanks

System Controls

Caliper Brake

Completed Assembly

Completed Spool Rig returning from action

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