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This CJ was used around the ranch by Ralston Ross to check fence, cattle and run people off his property. From the looks of the body he had been in a few tight places and probably bounced off a tree or two, or maybe some cows. The jeep is all original with a few modifications most likely performed by Ralston. One new spring was put in the left rear which sets the frame of the jeep at a funny angle. The right rear spring has a piece of angle iron welded to the frame where the spring hanger must have been ripped off at one time. The drive train is all original and the flat head four cylinder runs like a top.

All of the body is in my garage at home and I will get some pictures of it later. I brought the frame and drive train over to the shop so I could give it a good steam cleaning. Lots of years of leaky seals and mud had the transmission and transfer case almost unrecognizable.

Every heard of the term "Back Woods Engineering"????

Leaf pack may have a little problem on the right front.....

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