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Here we have what I call the "Mad Chicken" it is a cross bread, it was built by Thunderbird but painted and sold by Madill. This is a great machine holding up to 4200 ft of 3/4 haulback for running skyline set up or it can hold around 3000 ft of 7/8 for a standing skyline setup

This machine is operated by Lenard Zissa, who was one of the original employes at Anderson Logging. Lenard has worked here for over 25 years doing every job in the woods and is now one of the best Yarder operators in the country.

This next picture Show Juan Jara running one of the 4 Cat 325 Log loaders we have. Juan has been working here for the past 6 years, working the landing running loader or excavator. He is shown loading Truck 89 driven by Ron Cudney who has the most seniority of all of the drivers, having been with the company since 1988.