- Camp 6 1/2 THP -

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Here is the last unit in the job, actually the day before they finished. If you look closely the Yarder is in the upper left part of the picture finishing up the head of the draw.

In order to move into the job we had to install a temporary bridge, and we had to do it without disturbing the Creek. Now when Reggae on the River needs access to their weekend of drug experimenting, loud music and bathing in a Class 1 water course they simply walk a cat into the middle of the Eel River and construct a bridge, believe me I saw it. But when it comes to loggers we have to do it without touching the creek, No problem. We used one of our Madill 120's to support one side of the bridge and a D8 to support the other and walk it into place. The only reason this worked was that we had a lot of lift on the back side, so agencies, please don't think we can apply this approach universally!!